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⁣WHAT'S MORE INTIMATE? BARING YOUR BODY OR YOUR SOUL? Ask me.? Instruction? Request? Invitation? Challenge? HardWerk's grittiest release so far is an exercise in intimacy in an orgy of anonymity with a premise whose simplicity belies its thrilling potential for raw, naked vulnerability: ask me. Starring July as herself and five masked dicks as themselves, the film not so much disregards as defies the lines between fantasy and documentary, cutting between an interview session on the streets of Berlin and a rough gang bang in a city apartment. As the action gets more intense, the pounding all the sweatier and the gathered circle of waiting cocks tighter still, so the questions also become bolder, more personal... The first of the 'Ask Me' series, it's the filmmakers' nod to Vogue's '73 Questions' with a decidedly more hardcore approach.

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⁣CURIOUS. CANDID. CARNAL. What do you do when all eyes are on you? All hands are on you? Lips, spit, tongues, sweat, semen? In the second entry of HardWerk's stripped-down-and-teased-out 'Ask Me' docu-series, the camera is turned on Delfine Dahlia for a candid exploration of desire, sex and self. Through on-street interviews and breathless gang bang footage, it asks the question, Where do you find freedom?' Is it in the wide-open spaces of Berlin's Tempelhofer Feld or is it surrounded by a circle of waiting dicks behind the steel bars of a cage? For the filmmakers, the format provides an opportunity to put their full focus on the fucking, to create a production and take part in it at the same time, and to capture that ecstatic moment when fantasy becomes fact.

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⁣HYPNOTIC, CHAOTIC, CARNAL: A FEVER MADE FLESH. There are three constants in life: death, taxes and - let's face it - mainstream porn narratives. In their latest release, HardWerk doubles up on the subversion with a BDSM-centred gang bang that disrupts, deconstructs and intentionally queers the blow-by-blow(job), paint-by-numbers porn plot. The result is an ever-shifting and deliriously dirty cinematic dungeon dreamscape that is both surreal and, according to the filmmakers, a little truer to life. Starring the irrepressible June Fontaine, its non-linear structure is inspired by frenzied dark room encounters and the morning-after piecing together of memories, reliving it not moment by moment but in sweat-soaked snapshots and fragmented ecstasy.

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⁣WHERE VIRTUAL TURNS VISCERAL... Conceptualized in accordance with their details-led-by-desire ethos, HardWerk's latest release was born out of lead performer Lucy Huxley's own personal gangbang wishlist, so creating a customized scenario truer to the film's plot than you'd think. The film plays out in a subversive sci-fi vision of the future where men have died out and their semen is the latest commodity. For the filmmakers, it's a teasing role-reversal in which rough sex, facials and swallowing, traditionally viewed as objectifying women, instead turn men into little more than fantasy fodder and cum dispensers for a privileged princess. Whether utopian or dystopian is left for you to decide?

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HE CLASSICAL GANG BANG REIMAGINED IN AN 'AUTO-EROTIC' CELEBRATION. Everything you need to know about HardWerk is scripted subtly, deliberately, into the opening minutes of what also happens to be the first film the team shot. The classic trope of the stranger stepping into a saloon" - in this case lead performer Gabi Gold driving into the car shop to the gawking stares of its assembled greasy gearheads - is more than just a nod to the iconic films and cult classics that have inspired their more cinematic take on the gang bang; it's an announcement of HardWerk's arrival in gang bang-focused porn. Playing with themes of vulnerability and empowerment - and the keyword here really is playing" - it's a filthy and euphoric celebration of a shamelessly subversive dynamic, refreshed and reimagined, on the back of a vintage Old Timer.

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