Max upload size

The max upload size per video is 512mb

Rental a Video

The video has a limited shelf life. You can enjoy the video within this time. After the expiry date, you will no longer be able to watch the video.

Purchase a Video

The video remains valid indefinitely. You do not have the rights to distribute, but you can watch the video indefinitely.

How often are affiliate commissions paid out?

Affiliate commissions are paid out multiple times a week, as long as the minimum payout threshold has been reached.

Is there a minimum payout threshold for affiliates?

Yes, affiliates must reach a minimum payout threshold of 50 before they can withdraw their earnings.

How do I get paid as an affiliate?

Affiliates receive their commissions via PayPal. Please ensure you have provided your PayPal email address in your affiliate account settings to receive payments.

How can I become an affiliate?

Every member has access to their affiliate link in their settings. Simply navigate to your affiliate settings page to find your unique referral link and start earning commissions.

Do affiliates earn commissions?

Yes, affiliates earn commissions for referring members to Kinky18. Affiliates earn 20% for each member who subscribes to a Pro package and 10% for each member who purchases a video.

How much commission does Kinky18 take?

Kinky18 charges a 20% commission on all video sales and subscriptions.

How does Kinky18 work?

Creators can upload their adult videos to Kinky18, where they're available for viewing and purchase by members. Members can subscribe to Pro packages for additional benefits.

What is Kinky18?

Kinky18 is a premier platform for adult content creators to showcase their talents, connect with fans, and monetize their content.