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⁣HYPNOTIC, CHAOTIC, CARNAL: A FEVER MADE FLESH. There are three constants in life: death, taxes and - let's face it - mainstream porn narratives. In their latest release, HardWerk doubles up on the subversion with a BDSM-centred gang bang that disrupts, deconstructs and intentionally queers the blow-by-blow(job), paint-by-numbers porn plot. The result is an ever-shifting and deliriously dirty cinematic dungeon dreamscape that is both surreal and, according to the filmmakers, a little truer to life. Starring the irrepressible June Fontaine, its non-linear structure is inspired by frenzied dark room encounters and the morning-after piecing together of memories, reliving it not moment by moment but in sweat-soaked snapshots and fragmented ecstasy.

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